The Intouch Healing Center


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Integrative Touch

Healing Center

A Community Healing Center offering virtual and in person services specializing in transformative care for all

The Integrative Touch Healing Center is located in beautiful Tucson, AZ, and has a variety of online classes, personalized treatments and workshops open to people around the world.

A place for high quality community care focused on relieving pain and anxiety and improving quality of life through compassion and connection, the Healing Center offers affordable access to world-class integrative care and holistic wellness programs designed to heal and transform the mind, body, and spirit.

The Healing Center uses a HEAL IT FORWARD model where individuals who can afford to pay a higher price for their services help to offset free or low cost services for those in need. The entire community coming together is what makes the Healing Center a success.

InTouch specializes in serving children and adults with health and medical challenges, their families, healthcare professionals, first responders, and others who have experienced pain, trauma or illness and opens its doors to anyone in need.

Healing is a journey. Together we’ll go far.